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LIVE Sessions
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 8: Behind The Scenes
Recap and behind the scenes for the series. Thank you for the support!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 7: Lily Hargrove
| Own Special Way | I Just Wanna
 Lily Hargrove and Erik Hargrove join us to sing and play 2 of my originals!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 6: BECKA Pt 2 
| New Me | Call Me
More original songs featuring the wonderful BECKA!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 5: BECKA Pt 1 
| 答案就在我手中
(The Answer) OST Mind Jumper 触心罪探
 BECKA joins us for a new original song from a TV series. We also chat and talk about life!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 4: Corrinne May
Pt 2 | City Of Angels | Crooked Lines
 Corrinne May sings two more uplifting songs in part 2of this series!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 3: Corrinne May 
Pt 1| You Believed
Corrinne May graces us with her beautiful voice in this episode.
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 2: Dru Chen
| Replay | Givin' It Up
We have Dru Chen in the house!
Daniel's Room LIVE Sessions
Episode 1: Daniel Chai
| Circle of Souls
In this 1st episode, we feature the band and myself with an instrumental, Circle Of Souls, that I wrote with friends a while back.
Daniel's Room Episode 14:  
Simon Yong and his rainbow pedalboard
With Simon Yong! One of the top guitar players in Singapore, Simon dropped by to talk guitar and pedals. We play one of his soulful songs, Kyra. Enjoy!
Daniel's Room Episode 13:
Behind the scenes 2 | The Great Wall Musical
In the orchestral pit with Daniel for the world premiere of the original musical production, The Great Wall.
Multiple guitar changes! Recorded with the Zoom Q4n and Q2n.
Daniel's Room Episode 12:
Danny Loong plays the Blues Guitar and talks about his music business 
Danny Loong, blues musician and entrepreneur dropped by for a jam session and talk music and business! As one of the co-founders of the Ublues band and Timbre group, he shares insight into how it all came together. Enjoy!
Daniel's Room Episode 11:
Kelvin Ng and his Blues Harmonica
We have blues harmonica player Kelvin Ng jamming in the house! We speak about the blues scene in Singapore and talk blues phrasing as well.
Daniel's Room Episode 10:
Behind The Scenes 1 of Rent Musical
We begin this season with a throwback to what goes on behind the scenes during the show.
Daniel's Room Episode 9: Rent Musical and Seasons of Love
Daniel plays in the musical Rent and takes the opportunity to invite members of the cast to Daniel's Room to talk theatre and perform 'Seasons of Love'. Enjoy!
Daniel's Room Episode 8: More improvisation concepts
More chord tone, chord scale and key center ideas for playing over non-diatonic chord changes.
Daniel's Room Episode 7: Improvisation ideas over dominant 7th chords
Daniel discusses the chord tone, chord scale and key center approaches to playing over dominant 7th chords.
Daniel's Room Episode 6: Singer songwriters Jack and Rai

Jack and Rai in the house! Daniel plays mandolin! Discussions on the current Singapore music scene.
Daniel, Jack and Rai play an original song written specially for Daniel's Room, and also a previously unreleased song by the duo.
Daniel's Room Episode 5: Music Theory Lesson on Dominant Chords
Published on 8 June 2016
Daniel discusses dominant chords and their functions and applications in different real world musical contexts.
Intermediate to advanced level.
Daniel's Room Episode 4: Daniel's Acoustic Guitars
Published on 18 May 2016
Daniel talks about his acoustic guitar collection and the pickups that he favours. More on the tone-dust-test running joke!
Daniel's Room Episode 3:
Featuring Jonathan Koh
Published on 6 May 2016
In this episode, we get to know more about legendary Singaporean guitarist/composer Jonathan Koh, the original composer of the melody for A-mei's Jie Tuo (解脱). Find out how Jonathan started on his music journey and how the industry has grown and changed in the past 30 years. Jon and Daniel perform Jon's original English rendition of Jie Tuo (解脱) - She's Gone. They also play a beautiful fusion instrumental original, Kopi Breeze, specially written by both of them for this episode of Daniel's Room.
Daniel and Jonathan's guitars and vocal are recorded 'live' with no editing.
Daniel's Room Episode 2: Daniel's Electric Guitars
Published on 20 April 2016
In this episode, Daniel shows us the electric guitars in his instrument collection and how they are important for his live and recording work and sessions. For the geek at heart!
Daniel's Room main theme song by Daniel Chai
Daniel's Room Episode 1:
Featuring Regi Leo
Published on 6 April 2016

One of Singapore's most prominent guitarists, Regi Leo has performed alongside international artistes such as JJ Lin, Lobo and Jeremy Monteiro to name a few. He is also a familiar face at regional jazz festivals. Here he shares with us with passion, his musical background, influences and inspirations, as well as some discussions on his gear.
*Daniel and Regi's guitars are recorded 'live' with no editing.
Daniel's Room main theme song by Daniel Chai
How Insensitive by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Black Beans by Regi Leo
Stay tuned for more episodes of Daniel's Room
coming your way soon!
About Daniel's Room series
Daniel's Room is a cosy interview/performance series hosted by Singapore session guitarist Daniel Chai. Take a peek into the music journey of Daniel's musician friends, many of whom are internationally renowned, as they discuss their experiences, equipment and other interesting stuff. Then sit back, relax and enjoy as Daniel and his friends perform specially featured songs and music.
Occasionally, Daniel will talk about his music equipment and tools of the trade, as well as do lesson episodes.
Stay tuned.
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