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答案就在我手中 (The Answer) OST Mind Jumper 触心罪探 by Ochre Pictures

Published on 24 Apr 2021

Music by Daniel Chai

Words by Daniel Chai and BECKA

Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Daniel Chai

Published 5th April 2021

Copyright © Daniel Chai and BECKA

Lead Vocal: BECKA

Rap: James Seah

Backing Vocals: BECKA, James Seah, Aaron Fan

遺失的靈魂 - 陳勢安 Andrew Tan

Published on 23 April 2021

詞Lyricist:洪健瑞 Rooy Ang

曲Composer:佳旺 Keon Chia

製作人Producer:柯貴民Kevin Q

編曲/鋼琴Arrangement & Piano:Terence Teo/佳旺Keon Chia

弦樂編寫Strings Scoring:Terence Teo

弦樂監製Strings Producer:李朋Peng Li

弦樂演奏Strings:國際首席愛樂樂團International Master Philharmonic Orchestra

空心吉他&電吉他 Acoustic/Electric Guitars: 蔡宇雄Daniel Chai

和聲編寫 Backing Vocal Arrangement:佳旺@Burger Music

和聲Backing Vocals:佳旺@Burger Music

弦樂錄音室Recording Studio (Strings):中國劇院(北京)

China Grand Theatre (Beijing)

弦樂錄音工程師 Recording Engineer:李巍Wei Li

錄音工程師 Recording Engineer:葉育軒 Yu-Hsuan Yeh

錄音室R ecording Studio:Platinum Studio 白金錄音室 

混音工程師 Mixing Engineer:林正忠 Jerry Lin

混音錄音室 Mixing Studio:白金錄音室Platinum Studio

Seasons of Love

Published on 18 May 2020

Something heartfelt from the theatre community.

Livin' COVIDa Loca ( a Carona-parody

Published on 7 May 2020

Something fun that some of us from the Singaporean and Malaysian Theatre community put together.

Home - Singapore Virtual Choir

Published on 14 Apr 2020

Conductor: Darius Lim

Music & lyrics: Dick Lee

Vocal & choral arrangement: Darius Lim

Music production & arrangement: George Leong

Mixing engineer: George Leong

Audio Engineers: Daniel Wong (Ardant Studios) & Wei Xiang

Mastering engineer: Damien Quintard

Mastering studio: The Mono Company (Paris)

Voiceover: Gerald Wong

Guitars: Daniel Chai

Bass & flute: Colin Yong

Strings: Han Oh & The Boutique Chamber Players

我會 - Nico 品筠 & Kim 京燁

Published 30 Oct 2017

Producer/ 製作人: 黃宇哲 Hubert

Lyricist 作詞人:Kim 林京燁 妮妮

Composer 作曲人:黃宇哲 妮妮

Arranger 编曲人:杨朝焰

Recording Engineer 錄音師: 黃宇哲

Recording Studio 錄音室: 和平娛樂

Vocal Harmonies 合聲編寫: 潘沁珈 Isabell

Guitars 吉他: Daniel Chai

Mixing/Mastering Engineer 混音師/母帶處理: 黃宇哲 Hafiz

The Working Guitarist 101:

Daniel Chai

Published on 1 Oct 2016

Secret Signals presents the very first and successful Secret Signals Academy workshop with Daniel Chai at G77+榮浩

李榮浩- 喜劇之王

(邱鋒澤 Qiu Feng Ze Cover)

Published on 1 Aug 2016

喜劇之王-邱鋒澤 Cover 

錄音/編曲/混音Recording/Arrangement/Mixing : George Leong

Guitars: Daniel Chai
導演Director : Qiu Feng Ze
拍攝Videography : NOC (Virus)
錄音室 Recording Studio : Leo Studio​

谢慧娴 Hui Xian 把 莫文蔚 Karen Mok 的《愛》和 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua 的《停格》mash在一起唱還蠻不錯的嘛!


Published on 14 May 2016
演唱 Vocals: 谢慧娴 Hui Xian
MV 導演/剪接 Director/Editing:
VEE 易薇倪
製作/編曲 Produced/Arranged:
Tan Kah Yong 陳家榮
單簧管 Clarinet: Fabian Lim
吉他 Acoustic Guitars: Daniel Chai
弦樂 Strings: Georgian Sinfonietta
《幸福的美味》(粵)「2016 年賀歲片 《開飯了》主題曲」/
Tasteful Happiness ( "Let's Eat" Movie Theme Song) Cantonese version
Published on 6 Feb 2016
Co-produced and arranged by Daniel Chai
Guitars: Daniel Chai
Double bass: Brandon Wong
Percussion: Rizal Sanip

Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿 - 天黑黑, 我要的幸福, 绿光 in Sing50 Concert 07 Aug 2015

Published on 23 Aug 2015
Performing with Stefanie Sun
Daniel Chai Line 6 James Tyler Variax
Published on 25 Jul 2015 by CityMusic Singapore
The Line 6 James Tyler Variax featuring our Singapore Line 6 Ambassador, Daniel Chai, who shares with us his experience using the James Tyler Variax on the road.
Compass - Jannassa & Rachel
Published on 23 Jul 2015

Performed by The Ultimate Voice 2015 Winner of Group Category, Jannassa & Rachel

Produced by Amos Teo
Music: Amos Teo
Lyrics: Amos Teo, Jannassa, Rachel
Music Arrangement: Mandric Tan
Guitars: Daniel Chai
Vocal Producer: Yoong Xin Yun
Recorded & Mixed by Mandric Tan, Reuben and Evan at SoundFarm Production Studios
Mastered by Trevor Sadler @ Mastermind Studios, Charlotte, NC
Second Home SAF50
Published on 14 Jul 2015
Song produced and arranged by Daniel Chai
Voice - Peter Diaz
Double bass - Brandon Wong
All other instruments by Daniel Chai
Mixed at Soundfarm Production Studios by GLOW
Project Superstar 2014
Published on 3 Nov 2014
Music Director/Guitars: Daniel Chai
Bass: Colin Yong
Keyboards: James Yeo
Drums: Rizal Sanip
Gratitude I by Freda Lim
Published on 10 Sep 2014
Music & Lyrics: Lee Meng Cham
Arrangement: James Yeo
Produced / Recorded: Kenn C / James Yeo @ Creation Studios & SoundFarm Production Studios
Mixing Engineer: Geoffrey Low
Vocals: Freda Lim
Backing Vocals: Agnes Yue
Drums: Gary Gideon
Bass: James Yeo
Guitars: Daniel Chai

陈迪雅 《酒干倘卖无》

(电影 Filial Party 「我是孝子」插曲) Official MV

Published on 19 May 2014
Title 歌曲: 《酒干倘卖无》
Performed by 演唱: Diya Tan 陈迪雅 (from The Freshman 插班生) 
Lyrics 作词: 侯德健
Music 作曲: 侯德健
OP: Sound Sound Music Publishing Co. Ltd.

Producers 制作: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄 / Diya Tan 陈迪雅 
Arrangers 编曲: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄 / Meh 小羊 
Piano & Strings Arrangement 钢琴 & 弦乐编曲: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄 / Meh 小羊
Guitar 吉他: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄
Violin 小提琴: Meah Tze Chuan 马泽荃
Cello 大提琴: Tang Jia 汤佳
Percussion 打击乐: Rizal Sanip
Mixed and mastered by 混音&母带制作: Frank Lee
Recorded by 录音: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄 @ Studio 1015
随机播放 - Ling Kai 铃凯
Published on 29 Oct 2013
Guitars: DanielChai
Bass: Colin Yong
Drums: Patrick Ang
Keyboards: Anthony Kuah
只要你 Zhi Yao Ni
Published on 11 Mar 2013
只要你 Zhi Yao Ni
Theme song for Telemovie 'Cooking Without Clothes' 煮持人 / Zhu Chi Ren 2010
Song produced and arranged by Daniel Chai

Vocals by Sylvester Sim 沈祥龙

Music: Daniel Chai 蔡宇雄

Lyrics: Regina Chia 谢清琳

Mixed by Darren Sim

Getting Drunk by Ling Kai
Published on 5 Nov 2012
Produced and arranged by Bang Wenfu
Music and lyrics: Ling Kai
Vocals: Ling Kai
Guitars: Daniel Chai
Bass: Brandon Wong
Drums Rizal Sanip
Mixed at Soundfarm Production Studios
My Singapore 2012 - Smile And Love will Grow by Lorraine Tan 陈莉芯 (National Day NDP 2012)
Published on 26 Jul 2012
Produced by Pink Piano Productions and Wedding Harmony
Music by Shaowen and Lorraine Tan
Lyrics by Lorraine Tan
Arranged by Shaowen
Guitars: Daniel Chai
Drums: Gary Gideon
Bass/backing vocals/vocal producer: Jingles
Mixed by Darren SIm
Recording engineer: Eric Wong at Sonic Studio
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